One way or another, we’re all in this war with ourselves,
we’re all trying to dispense of this intangible and
shapeless veil, that separates our true nature and the
emotions, ambitions, general motivations and principles
contained in it from our boundaries made of our physical,
mental limitations, and those conceived by society, in
which we function, obeying and abiding by its rules.

As we do not have the ability to define our main obstacles
along this involuntary path, nor can we formulate a strategy
or a manageable cause-effect relation to reach our goal,
we tend to resort to an equally intangible, timeless and
shapeless fight, and in the end, we end up empty handed
and fixated in our own Medusa-like petrifying gaze; this
chaotic and numbingly fuzzy state becoming our causa sui.

© 2023
Highs to lows.